How to be More Successful in your Next Job Interview

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After you have submitted your application, the next step is to wait for been short listed and called up for an interview. You should feel proud if you received interview invitation as not many candidates can reach up to this stage, particularly those positions which are hot and received hundreds or thousand of applications.
Below are a few tips that can help to increase your success rate in your next interview.

1) Research

All employers prefer their staffs to show genuine interest in their job and company business. If you able to show this enthusiasm to your prospective employers, surely you will get additional plus point for been selected for the post. Therefore, do more research of the company’s business, background and latest development before the interview. You can find these from the company’s annual report, magazines and newspapers from your local libraries. Chat with any friends who are staff or ex-staff of the company.

2) Practice

If you are newbie just entering the job market, it is best to practice handling interview questions. You can do this with your friends or family members, ie. let them be your interviewers for you. You can get them select questions from some good job interview books for this mock up practice. Try to record down all the conversation using voice recorder and playback later. This way you can review your interview conversation and improve it from that point onward.

3) Be Punctual

All employers want their staffs to be punctual in their work. Therefore, if you can show this attitude during interview, such as arriving early, surely it is a plus point for you. Plan your trip early. Find out the location of the company and plan a trip to there before the actual interview date. This way, you can estimate your traveling time and how convenient (or inconvenient) for you to travel if you are been selected for the job. If you could not bear with the inconvenience, you could decline interview early which can save both parties’ time.

4) Backup plans

It is wise to have some backup plans. For example, bring extra copies of your resume, academic documents or qualification papers. Try to bring sample copies of your past projects which can be used to impress your prospective employers or interviewers. 

5) Attire

You want dress up accordingly and professionally for the interview. If you do not know which is appropriate, you can check with the caller for the interview or any friends who are in that industry. At the end, it boiled down to how match are you with them since you need to work along with them as a team if you are been selected. No one wants to employ someone who cannot work adapt to their current job culture or working environment. This also shows the employer sincerity on the part of the applicant applying for the job. 

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