Project Search

A project team is assigned to your account to handle these simultaneous openings to ensure that your time frame requirements are met. This is a perfect solution if you are required to employ multiple candidates with the same profile.

Cross Border Solutions

A collaborative search conducted closely alongside our regional partners, allowing the fulfillment of international roles. This search can be used for any job level and is especially useful where there is a time crunch.

Human Resource

HR Advisory Services

Professionalism is critical in Human Resources Management and thus at Nexus, we have partnered with highly acclaimed HR professionals to provide a wide range of HR Advisory services to facilitate our clients in optimising the effectiveness of their Human Resources Management.



Coaching is a pre-emptive method of developing one’s skills and optimising performance.  It aims to equip employees and employers alike with the ability to expertly handle challenges inherent in certain workplaces.  Our certified career coaches will work closely with you to pragmatically improve your overall work performance and to harness untapped potential.